Save View as JPEG or something similar

I'm wondering if there is a way I could save a view that isnt open as a jpeg or anything else. Then eventually be able to email that out.

No; views don't exist in a state that can be rendered without a user agent (web browser) that knows how to render HTML, CSS and crucially execute Javascript.

You can automate the launching of a "headless" browser that goes to a specific page - that's what we use internally for automated testing of Perspective UI elements: GitHub - inductiveautomation/ignition-automation-tools. But that's a pretty involved process, and this sounds like a bit of an "XY problem" - what are you actually trying to accomplish with these view renders?

I basically have a list of tag values I want to send to myself. So I have them listed on a page nicely. I figured I could just get a screenshot some how of the view and then just email it to myself.

I would recommend looking into the reporting module (this is explicitly what it's designed for), or, if you don't have it, you could use a Gateway scheduled script and, using system.tag.readBlocking to retrieve the tag values.

Trying to render your Perspective view as an image to attach to an email is going to be a massive technical hurdle. Using a different tool is going to be a much smoother experience, guaranteed.


Yea thats what I figured too. Ok thank you I will keep that in mind.

Plus, you'll get text instead of a picture of text!

You could also consider emailing a .csv file.

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