Saving a .csv file. (Migration from Igntion 7 to 8)

Good day!

I’ve just upgraded from Ignition 7 to Ignition 8 and migrated a project also. There were some issues on the migration but I got some of them fixed but this bug I haven’t fixed. Saving a csv with an automated filename.

This is my project from Ignition 7.

and here is the project migrated to Ignition 8.

and also I created a new project still had the same result

I did this kind of automated filename for the different data to be extracted with the automated date. It is a hassle to always type the filename. Is there a solution for this?


I think its related to another bug that is being worked on unfortunately. I’d keep an eye on the linked thread for updates.

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Good day sir!

I didn’t saw this thread. I’m sorry for the repost. I hope there will be a fix soon.

Thank you for the time to reply.