Saving Changes from Designer Not Reflects in Ignition Gateway inside Docker Container


I have used the following code to create two docker containers one container named dev and other named test. Setting up the environments went as expected including separate named volumes for both dev and test. Then used git to bring the production environment replication to both dev and test and that too was successful implementation.Further started doing changes in projects under dev Ignition designer and on save I don’t see the changes have applied to the gateway. As it didn’t applied in dev gateway it didnt reflected in the named volume too. Not sure how to proceed further to resolve this.

docker run -p 8089:8088 --name ignition-ot-dev -v ignition-ot-dev:/var/lib/ignition/data -v /root/ign_25022021.gwbk:/restore.gwbk -e GATEWAY_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password -e GATEWAY_SYSTEM_NAME=OT_DEV -d kcollins/ignition:8.0.15


The docker run command you posted will restore the backup (ign_25022021.gwbk) every time it is executed, this will effectively overwrite any changes made during the last docker session.