Saving Easy Chart Pen Configuration

I have an Easy Chart that users can populate with pens during run time using the Tag Browse Tree. Unfortunately, their configuration is lost when I update the project, or it is restarted.

I would like to add buttons to allow the Tag Pens Property to be saved and loaded as required, ideally with a custom name and path.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you are wanting the Easy Chart to remember individual client configurations. This could be probably be done automatically without magic buttons using the internalFrameOpened and Closed event handlers. Use a database table and simply replace the tagPens dataset information specific to the client name at close and reload it at open. Even so, if you want to make the save/load a manual operation that is client specific, my inclination would be to create database table for storing and modifying this information.

Consider using the Vision Ad Hoc Trend Chart Exchange Resource as a starting point.


Does Ad Hoc have a built in way for remembering client configurations?

So, didn't click through, huh?

I wouldn't have linked it if it wasn't responsive to the OP. (There are others in the exchange that do not, though.)