Saving Gateway vs Project

Could you please straighten me out as to the particulars on saving a gateway vs project. I believe a gateway backup saves SQL tags, and everything within the gateway (project and all). But the project save only saves window & transition groups, NOT the SQL tags. So, my real question is: how do we work on two different projects, in different locations at the same time? Do we treat the gateway as an individual file (i.e. - a different gateway copy for every project)?
How is the best way to go about having multiple projects, in different locations, etc…, and restoring them between the office and field locations?

The way I handle SQL tags is if I’m in dev land, I just export the SQL tags when I’m done and re import to the production node once I’ve got my approvals.

Same w/ a project.

I also sync my Production box back to my dev box every week or so, once I’ve backed up any changes.