Saving parameters stored in a allen bradley UDT array in a SQL database

For most of my PLCs I have a UDT Recipe.ID where x is about 0-64.
in each of those I have a large number of parameters, for example Recipe.ID[5].SoakTime

Now I want to store all the parameters in a database so I can restore them easily to the original value when Bubba accidently adjusted the wrong one.

Is there an easy way to do that for a large number of values?

So far I created a tag in ignition from the AB udt. In my transaction group I can drag and drop the tags, but I would have to do that about 900 times, while manually changing the target name.

I hope this is sort of coherent. I am completely new to ignition as well as to databases.

For such a regular pattern, I would bypass the tag and transaction group options and script it directly with system.opc.write*(...) after retrieving the rows from the database with system.db.runPrepQuery(). When drag and drop isn’t practical, Ignition’s scripting is the answer.