Saving Project Deleted Unsaved Work

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen an issue where hitting “save” caused all work done since the previous save to be deleted instead of being saved. Lost three hours of work because of this. Just wondering for my own sanities sake.

This was most likely caused by a bug that’s fixed in 7.9.9. It’s probably too late, but if it was the same bug, your work did actually save - the problem is that the local designer rolled back to the previous set of changes. If you do encounter the issue, then after the first save (with visual rollback in the designer) if you do not save again, and instead re-launch the designer, you’ll get an accurate version of the project.

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Thanks for this. I will pass it on to my team since we are still running version 7.8. Good to know that it’s been fixed in the next revision