Saving project restarts ALL projects

I have a weird issue. I have a dev and prod server, both at 7.9.4. When I save a project on the dev server it only restarts gateway scripts for that project. On the production server when I save a project, all the projects gateway scripts are restarted. I noticed this was happening on the prod server when it was at 7.8.2 so I thought it must have been a ‘feature’…

Does anyone have any clue into what I could look at?

Weird, all I did is open a couple projects, saved them, restarted gateway and now it is back to restarting only the G scripts for the saved project.

I’ve seen this happen too. I think it has something with the designer saving the “preference” to always publish global scripts. Clicking that seems to make the global project refresh even if nothing changes upon project save, but my theory could be wrong.

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That makes complete sense.