Saving "Reporting" document save as CSV file and automatically to a specific folder?

Hi all,
I’ve made use of the reporting module on ignition 8.1. At the moment I’m opening up vision and right clicking to save it as a PDF and locating the folder myself.

I’m wondering would it be possible to set up scheduled reporting which saves to a specific folder?
Also, looking at a previos thread, would this code still work to convert the data to appear as a CSV file?

csvBytes ="My Path", project="MyProject", parameters={}, fileType="csv")

According to the documentation, yes. Just keep in mind that this only gives you the bytes. You will still need to do something with them. can also save the file for you in one go.

For both options, remember that the gateway needs access to the file path.

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Remember when you use* functions, you need to trigger the execution somehow. If you want that automated, you can use a timer script, a tag change script, or, as of 8.1.6, the new scheduled script which lets you set up custom execution schedules.

However, there’s also a built in scheduled execution for reports. This can save to a folder you specify, and that folder and file name can even be dynamic. Check out the docs for an example of how to do this.