Saving Reports to Excel Crashes Client

Hello, I am trying to save to Excel a very long report that the customer needs data to be in one spreadsheet in Excel. I declared the page height really high as some other posts suggest, but at the moment of saving the excel the client takes about 15 minutes to save the file (and it is a 235Kb xls file). PDF works fine, PNG works fine, HTML works fine, it is just when you save to xls format.

I have increased the memory client up to 4 Gb but it makes no difference. I have tried macOS and Windows Clients and both take the same amount of time.

It is ignition 7.9.12

Does anyone has had this kind of behavior?

It shouldn’t be taking 15minutes, but as for it locking uo your gui, you should be running the excel export function using invokeLater so that it runs in its own thread and doesn’t tie up the gui

psst! invokeLater() does not use its own thread–you need invokeAsynchronous() for that.

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Whoops, that’s the one!

Thanks for the answer, the thing is that the saving command is being issued with a right click on the report viewer, so I don’t have control over it.
I have checked that it takes longer when more data is on the report (obviously) but 15 minutes for such a small file makes no sense. Any ideas why this may be happening?