Saving Tag Properties

I’m very new to Ignition and MQTT so please forgive me if some of my terminologies aren’t quite right.

I’ve been able to set up a Node-Red flow that is sending some tags into ignition using the sparkplug_b format. Alongside the tag value, I’m setting some elements such as the EngHigh, EngLow values as well as some other custom fields in the birth message.

Now using Ignition’s built in historian function with the data being sent to a postgres database I can see the tag id’s and values being saved as each new MQTT message is published.
Am I correct in stating that the ignition historian only stores the values of the tags ie there is no table in the database for storing the other properties such as the EngHigh, EngLow values? (it’s important in the intended application that historical records are maintained that track these properties should they ever change)

As I couldn’t see the tag properties being stored I’ve looked at using the MQTT Recorder module to store the MQTT messages in their entirety. The documentation is however quite limited and whilst its suggested that tables are automatically created in the database to store the MQTT messages nothing appears to happen.

If anyone has any suggestions around how to store these parts of the tag for long term archiving and on how to get the MQTT Recoder module working I’d be very grateful.