Saving the state of a view during a session

We’re using a very simple navigation structure at the moment, just a tab container with different embedded views for each tab.

When a user moves to another tab, and then moves back, any changes they made to components on that 1st view are lost. Whats the best way to go about preserving the state of a view for a user?

We’re running into this issue as well. Our solution is to use bidirectional params in the embedded view to save any state we care about. We also define these params in the parent view that contains the tab container. That way, when a user changes a parameter in the embedded view, that state is saved in the parent and automatically reloaded next time that tab is clicked.

This isn’t a perfect solution, though. Although the state is saved, the user interface of the embedded view visibly reloads, causing it to look kind of glitchy. It would be nice if the embedded view just remained in memory and didn’t have to be reloaded from scratch each time.