Saving user names and passwords in Perspective

For perspective security, is it possible to save the user names and passwords on the app in the iOS app or in a session in Safari? From our initial trial, we get prompted for a user name and password every time we open the app. We want to avoid a user having to re-enter their credentials every time they open the app, for instance, how you don’t have to reenter your Amazon credentials when you use the app on your phone. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @mlatour -

Assuming that you are using the built-in Ignition IdP in 8.0.1 or later, the mobile app will redirect you to your phone’s default web browser to authenticate with the IdP. Ignition’s IdP will cache your authentication state on a per-user source basis in your session cookie on that browser, so as long as your session does not time out and as long as you do not manually log out or clear your session cookies, you should not have to re-enter credentials.

Looks like the session timeout of the Ignition IdP is 30 mins so a gap in activity which exceeds this amount of time will require re-authentication. Maybe you are experiencing this timeout?