Saving your place when saving a script

I love the 7.4 scripting upgrades.

Currently when I press the “Apply” button in the module script editor the editor automatically scrolls my module to the top and I lose my place where I am in the script module and I have to find it again.

If I have a large script module this can be quite cumbersome if I want to make many small changes when testing. Each time I save I lose my place in the script and have to scoll down looking for it.

It would be really nice if when I press the “Apply” button my script is saved and my script doesn’t move. This way I can keep saving and editing without my flow being interrupted.

This is a little thing but it would make a huge difference to me.

I’ll try and take a look at this for 7.4.2.


Not the first time it’s been mentioned I’m sure.
(I’d + > 1 if I was allowed :slight_smile: )

Fixed for 7.4.2.