SAX Exception Error Question

Hello everyone,

We occasionally get the SAX Exception error on Ignition and the solution for deleting the .ignition folder works fine but after it is deleted, I have to launch the program (via desktop shortcut) twice for it to launch again. Watching task manager shows that “javaw.exe” starts for around 15 seconds before the process closes. I assume this is to create the new .ignition folder as it appears back in the folder after the first launch. Is this normal for the program? I just want to make sure we don’t end up having multiple instances of the program running if we have to launch it twice.


It seems strange that you have to launch your client’s desktop shortcut twice to successfully launch it. Am I correct that is what you’re doing?

To address your concern, if you did have multiple instances of your Designer or Vision client running, you would see more than one “Zulu Platform x64 Architecture” process running in your task manager under the Processes tab.

That is correct. After the second launch and the program is successfully loaded, there is only one instance of “Zulu Platform x64 Architecture” running, so it at least doesn’t open two instances. Since the .ignition folder reappears after the first launch, I’m assuming the process gets terminated shortly after the folder is created. I can see this causing some confusion if someone were to launch the program after deleting the .ignition folder and nothing happens since you need to launch it twice.

After the second launch and the program is successfully loaded

Is this desktop shortcut for a specific project or for the Vision client launcher? Which Ignition version is this? If you were to delete the entire .ignition folder, a project’s desktop shortcut would be unable to launch. You would run into an error like this, which I can see in 8.1.17, and to get past that error you would need to re-add that project into your Vision client launcher.
Launch Error

We are using ignition version 7.9.16. The desktop shortcut is to the ignition client launcher and to start a specific project address. Based on what you said happens when the .ignition folder gets deleted, I believe the first launch using this shortcut is the project getting re-added into the client launcher. That would make sense why it needs to be started twice using that shortcut.

I appreciate your help!