SCADA Com port communication

I am using Siemens 1516 F PLC, Earlier the SCADA was developed with ethernet TCP IP communication protocol. For time being we are having an issue with the server installation so that the client wants to have the stand-alone PC for SCADA (Means without server, PLC will connect to the SCADA PC). The problem is that the client not allowing to assign the IP or set the dynamic IP on the SCADA PC. They wanted to go with serial communication for SCADA and PLC Communication. My questions are the following

  1. Can I use the serial communication for the SCADA with the Com port on the PC?
  2. Real-time visualisation is possible with the serial communication?
  3. If it is possible, Can I use RS485 o RS432 communication?
  4. How many tags can we use for the SCADA(Limitation)?
    If there is any other solution Please let me know, I need guidance to solve the problem.

You would need to use some other OPC Server capable of serial communication with this PLC and then connect Ignition to that server.

Ignition’s Siemens driver does not have serial support and even if the 1516 F PLC you are using has the embedded OPC UA server option licensed you would need to connect to it over TCP/IP.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your reply,
Can you suggest to me OPC Server for Serial communication? It will be helpful :slight_smile:

Contact Kepware and see if their server can do serial for S7 devices. I don’t know of any servers that can do it for certain, you’ll have to do some research.

Be aware that the S7-1500 processors don’t have a serial port on board. The RS485 port of the 1516 is a pure Profibus port (even master only if i remember right).
If physical isolation is required, i would connect the second ethernet port of the processor with a dedicated ethernet port on your Scada PC.

PLC onboard no option to connect the serial port. I have an idea to provide RS485/RS422 module or profinet to serial converter for this SCADA communication.

Is there a reason you can’t use an isolated ethernet connection? That’s why the bigger 1500 plc’s have a second ethernet port with seperate ip settings.
I see a lot of trouble on the serial way with no security advantage.

Hi Chi,

The client is a logistic company and they are dealing with money transactions over the internet. As per their standard that won’t allow third-party to set the IP address, Only their IT team have the authorization to access the IP address. Now we are plan to provide the stand-alone PC. however, I have no way to proceed with Ethernet or profinet communication. Is there possible to use Profibus communication for the ignition SCADA PC using the com-port on the SCADA PC.?

No easy way. You would have to use a USB Profibus adapter. But if you go this way, there is no chance to use drivers for communication. You would have to program your own communication protocol in the plc software and on the PC side.
The easiest solution that i can think of is adding a CM PtP RS232 module to the plc and use the serial client module in Ignition.

Try to talk again to your client! Using obsolete technology for security is nothing that should be used for new projects and is a nightmare to maintain.
The 1516-F has a second isolated ethernet port. When this port is connected to a second, isolated port on you scada pc, you will have no physical connection to your clients network. It will be a point-to-point connection and the clients IT team can assign any ip adress they want to use.
When your client tells you, that it might be possible to bridge seperate networks on the scada pc: this is also possible over a serial programming connection to the plc as long as the plcs second port is connected to the companies network. They really should secure this financial transaction network by other means than controlling ip adresses.

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