SCADA PC with two NIC

The system I am working has gateway and client and database all on one machine with two NICs. One NIC is for the single PLC being accessed and the other is configured by the custimer IT guy to link to his network and allow internet access.

When I disable the comnay NIC (to run some tests on unrelated equipement) Ignition loses connection to the PLC which is on the NIC still in use. I can still monitor the PLC on the active NIC, but I don’t understand why the 2nd LAN is affecting Ignition. I did not find a way to specify which network connection to use in the device settings in Ignition.

There may be a conflict with the way their IT manager has his port set up. It is a totally different IP address. This conflict may be the reason I have to disable the other NIC in order to get this other utility to work properly.

But is there any method I can use to force Ignition to use a particular LAN interface for device connections?

What’s the endpoint address in Configure -> OPC-UA Server -> Settings? Set it to whatever the local IP is on the NIC the PLC is connected to, then restart the OPC-UA module.

It was some setting that did not match anything we would want here. I suppose it was a default IP address. I changed it and restarted the module. I did it via remote access, so I can’t fully test it yet. If I disable the other NIC from here, I will lose my ability to get back in. I should be back over there within a day so I can prove that fixed it, but I expect that it did.

Thanks for your speedy and concise answer!


EDIT: Solved. Your advice was the solution. Thanks again!