Scale a number in reporting

i have a problem.
In reporting i query the avarage power data of an electrical system stored from a tag in watt i want scale from watt to kilowatt. How can i do this?

Simplest way I know would be to create a new expression tag to calculate and hold the KW value, (i.e.: {[default]Watt/Value/Tag} / 1000), add historization, and query the new expression tag for the report instead.

Is the report displaying just the current value of the tag, or a list of historical values from the same tag? for example, average power reported once, or a value for every hour from the last month, etc.

Yeah i know this method but my data is stored and for report i have avarage and other calculation like Pmax Pmin so i can't use a "friend" tag

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If you only need to display the watts in kilowatts just divide it by 1000 on the report.


Yeah, if its older historized data then it'll have to be more involved.

If the report is to be generated infrequently, it may be easiest to export your data to Excel, perform the calculations and pull Avg/Max/Min values, and then import back to Ignition as a dataset. That could get very annoying if this is meant to be a daily or even weekly report, though, and is more of a workaround than a solution.

Does the original tag itself have to be in Watts, or could you maybe alter the engineering units?

Ty i didn't realize i can make calculation inside the at symbol.
Have a greet day!