Scale coordinate container(embedded view)

I create some template by using embedded view in perspective. I have to use coordinate view to arrange my shapes like vision.
The problem is when I put embedded view and link it to my template(view), it is not possible to scale it. resizing it only change the embedded view size and NOT the component in it.
I can’t use other container for my template because the position relationship between object is complex.
So what is solution for it?
Imagine I want to create P&ID HMI that includes valves and pumps.
If I create valve view and try to scale it to my need, it doesn’t work that way.

If you plan to use a coordinate to scale, make sure that it is set to percent mode. It won’t do any scaling in fixed mode since every point is just a fixed number instead of a percentage of the current size.

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but why font and some other component doesn’t scale in this mode?

All components should scale( assuming the settings allow in any sub containers) but I don’t think there is any dynamic font scaling currently for any containers unfortunately.

same behavior for toggle switch.

Hmmm looks like that component might be similar to the check box in vision. The toggle might be a fixed size even if the component gets resized.