Scale Out System - Moving Alarms

I am in the process of scaling out a single gateway system into 1 front end gateway with multiple back end I/O gateways. It has become apparent that it will be more cost effective to have all the alarms defined on the front end gateway, so that we don't have to put the alarm module on every back end gateway.

I'm curious what steps I should take to move alarms to the front end? I want them to be identical to how they are setup on the back end. Do I need to delete the alarms from the back end, then set them up and give them the same name on the front end? Will this cause all currently active alarms to 're-activate'? (I'm trying to minimize impact to our users.)

Hi @levi.jacobs,

Backend gateways are usually responsible for PLC communication, and tag executions. Alarms are added directly onto tags, so typically these are also handled by the backend Gateway.

Our scale out architecture guide contains some more information on which aspects of alarming can be moved to the frontend, and what should remain on the backend to implement this architecture.