Scaling client tag


Is it possible to scale the client-tag? Here, it seems that it doesn’t work.

Client tag name: int32pc
Client tag source expression: {OPCint32Tag} //with values from -100 to 100
Scaling properties int32pc: Raw: -100…100 --> Scaled: 0…100 (scale mode: linear)

Yet, for int32pc a got a value from -100…100 and not the expected 0…100
Thus, it’s not scaled at all.
I can scale it mathematical as an expression in the expression editor, but to me it’s a bit cumbersome, especially if you have to scale a 100 or more values in terms of percentage.

(For people that now want to say, 'why don’t you scale the opc tag(OPCint32Tag) right away. Well, I want to use the raw value AND a value in terms of percentage.)


I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I’d bet you’re correct that client tags aren’t scaling properly.

In the meantime, I would suggest creating tags in your main tag provider instead.