Scaling components inside a container (in the same manor as a group)

Hello, I recently created a layout and decided to group different sections of components that are all related so I could view/manipulate them more easily in the component tree view. I then had the bright idea to convert all these groups into containers since I didnt think I would ever need to directly resize the components… Well, now I need to create a duplicate layout except much smaller size. When I copy all these components to a new screen and resize them smaller, the components all rely on the layout constraints set to there containers and I dont get the same scaling constraints I did with the grouped components.

It was previously possible (when I had everything in groups) to group everything on the screen, copy this group to a new window, and then simply resize the 1 overall group to my liking. Once I got the component sizes correct, I could ungroup, and have my scaled components perfectly relative to one-another.

I have messed with anchored and relative layouts but cannot seem to get the same constraints with the container as I did with the group.

  1. Is there any way to revert my containers back to groups?

  2. What is “Group Mode” for a container as described in the user manual under Component Grouping?

  3. Can I delete the container around my components but leave my components where they lie?

  4. I was looking into using system.gui.transform() but Id need to look into this further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!