Scaling custom components in Perspective

We’ve been trying to make a module with a few custom components for perspective. One of which is a calender. One of the other software engineers managed to get FullCalender, a 3rd party calender made in ReactJs, into perspective as a component. It seems to work just fine apart from one major thing, that being scaling.
We can’t figure out how to get the thing to scale properly.

The documentation FullCalender has on sizing says to use their aspectRatio property.
Changing this seems to have some kind of effect, but not what is described in the documentation. The component is always too tall. It also completely ignores the height prop in perspective.

Now my question is this: How exactly does sizing and scaling work in perspective?
Although any other ideas and feedback is appreciated too.

You probably already saw this, but a larger aspect ratio = shorter height.

Yes, but another problem presented itself. The aspect ratio is absolute, although there’s a function to set it dynamically it wasn’t ideal.

I managed to fix my problem by setting contentHeight to auto and applying a style with overflow-y: auto; to the wrapping div. This made the monthview scale it’s height properly to the size given in the designer.