Scaling issue on XY Chart

See the attached image for the behavior. Series 1 gets random low numbers on the Y axis interspersed with the correct values. Also, the issue where changing the date range of the data causes a null error was what I thought was supposed to be fixed this build but it is still happening for me. The text of the error reads “Unable to set property ‘segment’ of undefined or null reference”. I can provide files in a back channel if it is helpful. I suspect the issue is a race condition with data set load and chart refresh. It doesn’t happen every time I change my date range on my dataset.


I figured it out. I was working with XY Chart and the control changed in the time between doing 2 different axes on the same chart.

I noticed my property count didn’t match from one axes to the next so I recreated the axes that was giving me problems and that fixed it.

Anyway, I wanted to follow up that this is not a bug because it should not occur on a new instance of the XY chart. If someone else encounters this issue; look at the property counts on your axes and find the screwed up one or simply make a new instance of your chart.

Actually, it looks like the “render” property being set to category was the culprit of this behavior. I also was missing properties but that wasn’t the cause of my problem.