Scaling multiple components at once in perspective

I designed a perspective project however I made the size of the pages the wrong dimensions. I can easily resize the pages to the exact dimensions I’d like by editing the size property of the pages, however this doesn’t change the size of components in the page. I know I can select each component and resize everything at once by clicking and dragging the corner, but its hard to adjust precisely adjust the size to exact dimensions. When I select each component and try editing the size property, half the designer window goes black and the components overlap. Is there any way I can precisely resize all the components on a page at once?
P.S. I am trying to enlarge the components on the pages.


If you are using coordinate containers you can set mode to percent and set the aspectRatio to the defaultSize. So if the defaultSize is width: 1400 and height: 800, it will 1400:800.

This should be the easiest, just play around with resizing at runtime to get a feel for how it will behave, it may “shrink” too much for you.

You could also take a look at the view.json file on disk (or shift + right click the view and ‘Copy JSON’) and use a text editor to change the position properties.