Scaling Server Hardware

I’ve had a look through all the forum posts I could find on Ignition Server requirements, and have come to the conclusion that even on very large projects, a decent off the shelf server will do just fine.

However, has anyone put any thought into some sort of rough calculation as to how the following project elements will affect server performance?

[ul]-Number of tags
-Scan class
-Number of clients utilized
-Number of tags historized[/ul]

For example if i have a 2Ghz CPU and 4GB RAM, what % utilization would be taken up if the project has:

[ul]-30,000 tags vs 300,000 tags
-5 opened clients vs 50 clients[/ul]


You can try it and find out.

Make 30,000 tags. You can do this in a script that calls system.tag.addTag in a loop. Find out how it performs. Then make 300,000 tags.

Open 5 clients, then open 50. See how it performs.

There’s nothing like finding something out yourself.