Scaling templates

The horizontal conveyor allows me to change the roller aspect ratio by stretching the object.
The others do not since they are diagonal.
Is there a method to somehow mimic template rotation in order to simply scale them against their rotation?

does anyone know if there is a way around this?
I can change the size of the horizontal shapes then rotate them to make a new template for the diagonals but it is more time consuming…Looking for an easy button if it exists…

I basically want to create an image like the symbol factory ones so I can rotate it.
Would I just use it like an image?

Templates don’t rotate. You could just use shapes, or if you’re really intent on having it in a template, you could put the shapes in a template, group them, and bind the group’s rotation to a template parameter property.

Or group the objects together and add them to a custom palette.

As of 7.4.4 and 7.5.1, components inside templates will be able to use relative or anchored layout.

you have a deadline for the release of 7.4.4?
Thank you.

Ignition 7.4.4 beta 2 is available for download. The full release could be out by the end of the day tomorrow at the earliest.