Scan Barcode Context

How can I assign a value to this? I’ve created a context called assetId. I can read it, but don’t know how to change it’s value. I’m trying to pass a value from a table on a View so that it can be stored in a database along with the barcode.

Did you find a solution for this?
I have the same issue regarding the context object. I have a couple of embedded views that display a template for barcode scanning. The problem is that when i fire the barcode scan event I need to add a dynamic value to the context object depending in which embedded view is triggering the action.
It seems as there is only the option to “hardcode” the content of the context object when adding the event to eg a push button. Since I use a template there is only one pushbutton configured. When the event is handled in the session event “Barcode scanned” there is now way of finding out which the embedded views that actually triggered the Barcode scan.

Is there a way to add a dynamic value, e g a property, to the context object?