Scan Class between 7.5.6 vs 7.7.6

Why scan class is mandatory in Ignition 7.7.6 for any objects, where as this was not mandatory to select in 7.5.6? Or I am doing something wrong for seeing this difference?
Please see the difference between two versions and is there an easy way to overcome this situation when I am trying to upgrade from 7.5.6 to 7.7.6, instead of editing each tag?

Ignition 7.5.6 (Tag is active, through there was no scan class was selected)

Ignition 7.7.6 (Tag is not active, but the moment I select a scan class to default, it will be active)

Those are pretty old versions so I’m not sure if this applies and there may be a better solution… but with that caveat, in more current versions you can select a lot of tags at once and change the scan class on all of them at the same time (screen clipping from v7.9.9). With the tag editor open shift/control-select as many tags as you want, and then change the scan class for all of them at the same time.

Thanks for the input. You are right . It is an older version and I am in the process of upgrading to 8. Even in this 7.7, multiple tag editing is possible in a single attempt and i did so. Seems to be working all real time tags, but historical tags still need to get that fixed.

You’re welcome; glad that worked. You can likely do the same thing (edit multiple tags at once) for the historical scan class setting: