Scanclass/OPC group relation


I working with ignition 7.9.
I’m using OPC DA interface with PLC to get the timestamp source.
I notice that when I create new scanclass, Ignition will create additional OPC group for those tags using the scanclass.
For example the default scanclass, creating OPC group “_Group_00”.
new scanclass creating OPC group “_Group_01”.

My question is, is there any limit how many tags can we use per scanclass?
Also the OPC group name creation is it totally rely on scanclass ? or it generate automatically by it 's internal logic, for example : number of tags per OPC group.

Not on the Ignition side, but you may find the server you’re connected to has some limit to the number of items belonging to a subscription/group.

I think the subscription/group name is derived from the scan class name and rate.

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