Scanclass's visibility in SQLTag Browser/Tag Browser

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to view scanclass in new versions of Ignition in SQLTagBrowser as it was in old versions?
I think that this is the very :point_right:IMPORTANT :point_left: parameter, and in newest versions it’s so much harder to see if the tags have it’s related scanclass… I have to open each tag and check which scanclass does it have…

please, bring this option back…

see the picture below:
in oldest versions:

in newest versions:

or… there’s another way how to check the scanclass of all (for example 100000 tags) at the same time? :point_right: :point_left:

v8 doesn’t have scan classes. The important parts of what were scan classes are now called “tag groups”.

And, no, you can’t preview the tag group from the main tag editor window. For one thing, it’s not universally relevant in 8.0+; tags can be truly event driven (reference, expression tags) and thus have no tag group whatsoever.

That said, better tools to organize, categorize, and report on your tags are on our list.

This ought to be fixed, btw. There were a number of columns available in v7.9 that weren’t universal either, and they worked just fine. Simply empty where not applicable. Using universality as an excuse in v8 is just lame.

The tag browser panel is actively being changed for 8.1. Hopefully for the better :slight_smile:


to be honest: not for me and my collegues)))
sorry) :pleading_face:
the oldest version of editing tags was much better! :zipper_mouth_face:

you know… adding tags is not the thing which You do only once at the beginning of creating a new project.
During commissions and new additions to project we get new tags… and sometimes I (not only me) forgot to set tag group to new tags… and station starts to work very slowly or eats client’s traffic… so… sometimes it’s not so clear what happened and why this station works strange… but now I know that maybe I forgot to set the tag group…
I understand that You want to make our lives much easier, but sometimes old stuff works fine

I agree! from the other side it was the possibility to uncheck “scan class” to not see these empty fields…))

I hope someday you will bring it back) :pray: