Scaring communication delays

we are experiencing rather annoying delays in client/gateway communication in the following situations:

  • project saving: the following message appear sometimes for 10 to 20 seconds

  • tag editor opening:

  • tag tree expansion:

  • property binding editor opening:


  • we get sometimes the “Connecting” message for a long time when we update the project on an already open client after saving from designer and finally we get the following error message:

  • from time to time consistent delays when opening windows where PNG drawings are displayed (weight is no more then 100kB each, max 4 PNGs on a window)
  • from time to time consistent delays in first objects update.

These problems do not occur on a regular base: Ignition is running good often enough, so it is difficult to debug.
Our development network topology: Ignition gateway on a DELL server, two development stations running Ignition designer at the same time (not on the same objects!), connection through a common switch.

Any suggestions? Ignition parameters to pay attention to? Maybe debug with wireshark needed?

Thanks in advance