Scatter Chart

I was wondering if anyone out there has tried using matplotlib within ignition. I need to do some charting that simply isn’t available in ignition natively at this time. I need to produce a scatter chart like the one attached for starters.

Matplotlib and some of the other numeric/sci libraries that people always want to use (NumPy/SciPy) won’t work in Ignition because they rely on native C/C++ code.

Thanks Could you point me in a direction that would enable me to create this chart on a screen in ignition? I am sure someone hs done scatter chart like this before in ignition.

This is not a “scatter chart”: it is a polar bubble chart. Ignition doesn’t have anything like this built-in. I’ve never seen anyone ask for this before.

Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to show off the awesome power of our paintable canvas component…stay tuned.

Ok, so in 118 lines of Python, I created one of these from scratch. I made it as a template which you can download here. If you drill into the template you’ll see the Paintable Canvas component that makes it work. (Note that paintable canvases only paint in preview/runtime, not design time) You’ll see there are a bunch of parameters to alter the scales of the distance and magnitude. You may wish to map these as template parameters.
PolarBubbleChart_Template.proj (20 KB)

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Now that’s impressive!

Thanks man that is just what i needed. We have several projects where i will use this a lot. We have mobile equipment that has a swing angle and several different distance items that are in direct correlation to that angle.
This is also good for me to see how this control can be used I have yet to look into it pretty nice.

Thanks Again