Schedule vs Actual Chart Start Point

Hi There,

We have implemented a solution where we import work orders from the customers ERP system and provide a ‘Start Run’ in order for the operator to select the appropriate work order to configure the machines.

We are providing a scheduled va actual analysis chart which works well (the schedule is calculated based on the amount required and theoritcal runrate and we add a schedule entry), however we are counting at the end of the line for finished goods which does not get triggered until a few minutes and sometimes 15-20 mins during setup.

This means the actual run rate is always delayed making it impossible for the operators to meet the scheduled run rate. We need to let the operators start the run but delay the start of the chart until the first carton is detected, once this first count is detected we would like to record the initial time as ‘production changeover’.

Is this possible? If so how would we implement this?

Thank you and best regards