Scheduled Publish

Is it possible to have scheduled publishing? Say if I need to make a change to a project but I can’t apply (publish) the change until the users are on break or not working. The idea would be then that I can make the change, save, and schedule it to be automatically published at a certain time.

Interesting idea.

So does that mean that it is a feature you guys might implement?

Could this be accomplished by exposing gateway functions in script? For example: publishing, project or gateway backup/restores, etc. You could then just write your own gateway script to accomplish the action.

I’m just thinking aloud here - what do you think about a generic “scheduler” in the Gateway that allows recurring or one time calendar or time based events to drive things to happen (scripts or common actions)?

I dont think that it could be accomplished by exposing gateway functions in scripting without a generic scheduler in the gateway. However, it is an interesting idea. Having a scheduler on the gateway that would allow us to use all library functions as well as other functions could be useful.

“Interesting idea” means that it’s a good idea that we’d love to do, but we’re too busy right now to commit to it on any near-term timeline, but we’ll leave it here so we don’t forget about it.