Scheduled Reports

Is is possible to have a report created in the reporting plug-in generated as a PDF and saved to disk every day at a specific time?
I would like to be able to do this even if no client is running.

This is currently not possible without having a dedicated client running just for this purpose.

This feature has been requested frequently, and is the chief reason that the Reporting Module is still at version 1 - this autonomous reporting functionality is scheduled for the upcoming v2 of the Reporting Module, which should be out later this year.

Thanks Carl.

Do you have any idea when that might be? Even roughly speaking; q2, q3, q4?

Sorry I don’t have a more specific timeframe right now. We’ll be having a scheduling meeting next month that should put a tighter range on it.


Did you ever get a timeframe for v2 of the reporting module?
Also, do you have any idea of what features will be included?


Should be around the middle of 2011.


Is this functionallity already added to the current version of the repoting module?


Unfortunately it has not been incorporated. We are still using V1, V2 is still in the works for the future, I just cant give you a definite timeframe as to when it will be implemented.

Just going to checking and see what plans are on this. I know with the new scheduling system in 7.6 this should be in the works but any time frame at this time?

We’re back to not having a solid date on this feature. It has absolutely not been forgotten, but the scope of what we want to do for reporting is still in flux. Sorry for the confusion, but for the time being you’ll have to have a client running. Remember you can make another project for this purpose that is hidden from the launch page.

Thanks Carl
Just wanted to see which way we needed to head with our development.

This would be a very useful feature to have for our company.