Scheduled Script every morning

Trying to find a better way to execute a timed script.

Run a script every morning at 10:00am, 10:05am and 10:10am

Current setup:
Gateway timer script that runs on a 40 second timer and checks the time and does one of 3 groups of actions if it meets the correct time.

Is there a way to just set this up to run at a specific time and not have this script run every 40 sec, around the clock.

Reasoning and the Issue:
This script seems like it actually missed one of the action groups.
At 9:58, the first task is to delete everything from a SQL DB table so it can then be repopulated and exported to csv.
Yesterday the export had all of the new data and all of the day before data. So it seems the sqldelete did not fire, but the rest of the scripts at the other times did.


No, not for v7.9. v8.1 has a scheduled event.

{ You should be planning to upgrade anyways... v7.9 is EOL. }

It is in the works, just a slow process of approvals.

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