Scheduled Transaction Group records multiple values

Preface: I read through this topic already, but am seeing the same issue in 7.5.3 (b1163). I also have a redundant server running, but verified that is not the cause.

I have a small transaction group scheduled to run at “12:01 am, 12:01 pm”, with no triggers. Approximately 85% of the time, I’ll have entries in the database from a few seconds before AND at 12:01.

I just put in the workaround mentioned in the previous thread, changing the schedule to “12:00am-12:01am, 12:00 pm-12:01pm” with a rate of 1 hour. We’ll see if that has any effect.

Any ideas, thoughts?


The most recent changes we’ve made to try to fix this issue were in 7.5.5, so I’d recommend updating as a first step. There may be some different things we could try, but currently I’m not aware of a customer having active issues… but maybe they’ve all put other work arounds in place, so let me know if you do upgrade and still have problems.


The workaround I mentioned worked too well- I had no entries instead of two!

I’ve reset the schedule back to “12:01 am, 12:01 pm” in the meantime until I have an opportunity to upgrade.