Scheduled transaction group stopped at end of DST

I have a scheduled transaction group that stopped executing at midnight after daylight saving time ended.
End of DST was on Sunday 27, 02am, the last group execution was at 00:02am on the 28. The group executed without problems for months before.

Igniton Version is 7.5.6.

That sounds pretty unusual that it would stop 23 hours after daylight savings time ended. Is there anything in the wrapper.log file around that time? Has the group worked since then?

Hi Robert,

thanks for your reply. I did some tests with 7.6.4 in the last days, and the problem is still reproduceable.
To test, i disabled the time synchronization in the VM and set the date manually while the Ignition service was stopped. The gateways timezone is Europe/Prague [GMT+1:00].

On Sun, Oct 27 2013 (end of DST in Germany) the group skips the additional hour and misses a full day after midnight:
LastExec: Sun Oct 27 01:32:00 CEST Next Exec.: Sun Oct 27 01:47:00 CEST
LastExec: Sun Oct 27 01:47:00 CEST Next Exec.: Sun Oct 27 02:02:00 CET

At this point, the schedule uses CET instead of CEST, so the next four execs in the additional hour are skipped.
The next execution is at
LastExec: Sun Oct 27 02:02:00 CET Next Exec.: Sun Oct 27 02:17:00 CET
After that, the group runs till
LastExec: Sun Oct 27 23:47:00 CET Next Exec.: Mon Oct 28 23:02:00 CET
so here the execution stops for a full day. This happens only on this special date and is also reproduceable if the group is restarted.[attachment=2]group_dst_end.png[/attachment]
When DST starts, there`s also a problem at next midnight. Here, the group skips one hour.[attachment=1]group_dst_start.png[/attachment]

There is also a random bug that shows sometimes after a gateway restart. The group is executed one second early and the ‘Next Execution’ field in the status display shows a wrong value. The group still operates, but is always a second early. After stopping and starting, the group works as expected.[attachment=0]group_after_gateway_restart.png[/attachment]

Let me know if you need more information to reproduce this in your system.

Any progress on this? Last weekend of march is coming closer…


Thanks for the details. I just saw this thread, and will look into it soon. I expect we can get something worked out before 7.6.5.



We’ve made a few adjustments, and I’m going to have QA set up a VM to verify before and after, in addition to the unit tests that I’ve been using. We still should be able to get it in for the 7.6.5 release.



any news? Only 10 days left and there’s nothing in the 7.6.5 changelog…

Some changes where made, but I don’t think this particular problem was fixed. We discovered late in testing that there was still a problem.

The best option for now is to probably change the group to not run on a schedule, and instead create a boolean, run-always expression tag, and set the group to use that as a trigger (>0, only execute once), with the expression:

(dateExtract(now(),"min") % 15)=0

You can set the group to run every second or so to check the trigger.

Sorry that we didn’t get it taken care of…

I have this exact issue happening on a couple of Ignition gateways. I have one transaction group configured to execute at 00:00 every day, and a second group at 00:05 every day. They execute as scheduled the day of the end of DST (i.e., DST end at 02:00 AM on 11/02/14 and their last execution was at 00:00 and 00:05 on 11/02/14). After that they just stop executing. However I have another gateway configured with the same transaction groups whose system time is configured to NOT be automatically adjusted for daylight savings time, and the issue did not occur. All groups have been executing as normal. These are Windows 7 x64 machines. Does this provide any clues as to what might be happening?


What version of Ignition are you using? The most recent changes for this problem were made for 7.6.7 (and therefore should also be in 7.7).