Schneider OFS OPC UA - Problem in Tag Browsing


I am using Schneider’s Unity Pro for one of my M580 application. In this, I have some DDT (Derived Data Type) tags. In Ignition, for tag browsing I am using Schneider’s OFS OPC Server. I can be able to see all the Tags in OPC Browser. After importing the DDT, that is automatically assigned as a short array under the value as shown below. In my DDT, I have “REAL” Datatype also. I am unable to use that “REAL” as all the tags are assigned as “BYTE” type. Kindly suggest me a solution, as I have tried a lot.

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Can you connect to this server with a 3rd party client like UaExpert and see what the Value and DataType attributes for this Node are?


Thank you for your reply. Please find the below screenshot from UaExpert client. All the data types and values are seems OK.

One more thing, I have tried with OPC DA for the same server. It perfectly works. I think the problem is solved.

Thank you for the support…!

Can you expand the attributes pane so that the Value and DataType attributes are fully visible?

Also, it looks like in UaExpert you just subscribed to all the tags underneath L2FN101I01_FP - why didn’t you do the same in Ignition if that’s what you’re after?


Please find the below screenshot for attributes expanded.

In Ignition, as stated above browsing the tags or expanding the datatype from OPC Browser is fine. After transferred the datatype into the Tag Browser only it changed as “Short Array”.

I can be able to browse the tags individually. But I need to use the entire DDT. So that, I can assign the UDT’s easily in Ignition. “DDT (Derived Data Type) is nothing but, it’s like a UDT”.

If I am browsing the tags from my DA Server, all the DDT’s are showing as a folder and I am able to use the tags for my UDT assignment in Ignition.

You didn’t highlight the right tag in UaExpert this time, but it’s not that important.

When you connect to the server using OPC Classic the server is putting all thetags from that DDT into a folder.

When you connect to the server using OPC UA the server is using a Variable Node to organize all the tags instead, but all the member tags are still underneath. The problem is that Variable Node itself has a value (though it seems to be a non-sense short array you can’t do anything with).

Stop selecting that Variable Node in the Ignition UI and just select all the Nodes beneath it and move those over instead.