Schneider PacDrive LMC controller

I have an application where a machine is being installed and the OEM has been asked about extracting data into Ignition and this was their response:

As PLC we make use of a Schneider PacDrive LMC controller and our distribution software is running on a Windows Embedded PC.

We prefer that your SCADA system will communicate with our PLC since the requested data is available there.

For our own communication with the PC we make use of UPC-UA and TCP/IP.

Our PLC is running as UPC-UA server.

With this information having the IP address I am assuming I would use a TCP driver and there will be a port address, from here does anyone have any knowledge of Schneider addressing through this route?

You wouldn’t make a driver connection, you’d make and OPC connection. Look under “Configure” => “OPC Connections” => “Servers” in your gateway web interface.

OK got it thanks… again as this is the first device I have connected in this way once the connection is complete is does this still require connections within this server and do I require specific information in relation to data and tags?

I haven’t used that product. I would expect a PLC’s built-in server to be browsable.


I’m also using Schneider PacDrive LMC PLC and I would like to add it into Ignition. I thought of creating OPC-UA connection just like for Allen Bradley PLCs, but nothing from the device list sounds fitting Schneider PacDrive PLC.

I have also seen some Google result claiming it should be OPC-DA COM connection, but I have no idea how to configure that properly.

Which one is it actually? If OPC-DA COM how to properly configure it?

I thought of creating OPC-UA connection …

As far as I know you would have to enable OPC-UA on the PacDrive. One vendor strongly recommended that we did not do that as they had found that it caused problems and interfered with normal operation.

… OPC-DA COM connection …

OPC UA has replaced COM connections and avoids all the messing with security settings which may leave your system vulnerable. Try and avoid COM.

As far as I know the correct way to do what you require is to install the CoDeSys OPC server on your gateway. This is available from the CoDeSys shop at about €160 or so. I played with it for some time but didn’t get reliable connections and couldn’t figure out what the problem was. The CodeMeter licencing application is a further hurdle and it’s very difficult to figure out its user interface.