Scikit-Image, OpenCV, PIL python libraries

Hi All,

I need some image processing functions to perform task in Ignition Vision
For that i need to add following libraries in Ignition

  1. Scikit-Image
  2. OpenCV
  3. PIL
    Anybody have an idea about how to add above libraries in Ignition

This article talks about how to import libraries, but also explains that libraries like the ones you’ve mentioned don’t work in Ignition, and offers some alternative ways to run code written using these libraries and bring the results into Ignition.


Hi Kevin,
Thanks for reply. What kind of Java classes i have to use to perform my task?
Actually i want to read text on image and then its position on screen

You’d need a library like OpenCV for that as far as I know. There’s no simple answer I can give you.

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Thanks…OpenCV library can import in ignition?

Not easily, because it involves native libraries.

I know @pturmel has managed to use OpenCV, but he’s doing so in a custom module.


My Image Streamer module, in addition to using OpenCV to read RTSP camera streams, loads OpenCV’s java bindings into Jython for scripting use. It isn’t quite the same as using OpenCV’s CPython bindings, but close.

It will load into Vision and Designer scopes if the local install of OpenCV and FFmpeg are compatible.

Note: Installing OpenCV and FFmpeg as documented for my module also sets the stage for manually installing the jar without using my module.

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