Scope of gateway event scripts on Ignition Edge

Hi all

I developed a project on a standard Ignition 8.0 gateway. The project includes a TCP server implemented in the gateway startup script and with calls from the components scripts to functions defined in the gateway startup script. This worked fine. I then took a backup of the project and uploaded it to an Ignition Edge Gateway with the WebDev module installed (for the gateway scripts). However it seems that I cannot reference any functions in the Gateway startup script from my component scripts and vice-versa. Are the scripts run in two different scopes on Ignition Edge? Or are there another explanation.

Do you have a version of Edge that allows gateway scripting? I think it’s the “Compute” edition?

Yes. I installed the WebDev module which according to the documentation should contain the Compute module. Is it a different version of Ignition Edge? I thought it was just another module??

The edition is determined by a flag in the license you apply to your Edge gateway.

Oh… My Ignition isn’t licensed in anyway. Just the trial version with the WebDev module installed. Does it need to be licensed before I can use the gateway scripts?

Hmm. It might need to be licensed.

I think you misunderstood the documentation - the Web Dev module does not unlock the gateway scripting or “compute” edition; the “compute” edition unlocks gateway scripting and allows WebDev to be used and licensed as well.

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Ah, OK. I must have misunderstood the documentation. Also because the gateway scripts was in fact executed but the user-functions that I defined in the project library couldn’t be reference from the gateway scripts.
I believe my company already have a license for Ignition Edge + compute. I see if I can borrow it.