Screen changes not consistent across two clients

I am having some difficulty pushing out screen changes across two clients.

Changes made on the Ignition Designer are not showing up on my first client but are showing up on my second client.

I have tried the following on first client:

  • Restarting
  • Re-Downloading and Launching the project from the web interface.

I am using globe scripts but i awes push out the globe updates along with the project updates.

An help would be appreciated - Thanks in advance

P.S. I am on 7.9.3

What kind of changes are these? Double check your layout on the missing items - depending on the size of the window and location of the component, it may be displaying, just not shown because its maybe anchored to the upper left, but the window isn’t wide enough to show it.

Though re-reading your message it sounds like this may be a script change, not a component… in that case, I’d say double check your changes are actually committed in the script.

try a fresh download. Just downloading from the gateway homepage doesn’t mean the cache is any good. Since it appears you are using Java webstart:

  • delete jws cache:
    javaws.exe -uninstall
  • delete user\.igntion folder

And, of course, consider using the Native Client Launcher instead of Java webstart.

There are component changes as well as script changes.

I am using fixed window layouts and i replaced the component in question so I don’t think it’s a layout issue.

I attached a pic of one of the differences on client vs client 2.

Client 2 (New layout)

Client 1 (Old layout)

This fixed my issue