Screen changes on one clients PC when another client changes a screen on another PC

ignition 8.1.19
vision clients

Having a funny issue. two clients viewing screens, one clients changes to a different screen, and the other users screens changes also to that screen. Why would this happen???

That usually means you've used a gateway tag to track navigation instead of using a client tag.

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not sure I understand. as far as I know I am not tracking anything. how I find that?

Do you know the name oft the window that is being switched to on both clients? Do a control+F and look for it. Somewhere, in some script, you have a system.nav.openWindow or a system.nav.swapWindow opening the window. That script is getting triggered for each of your clients via a global action like a gateway tag change or a client tag bound to a global tag or something like that and that's the problem. If you test and open up a third vision client and go to that window, does it happen on all three? My guess would be yes.

But first if you find the script and can tell us where it's being called, we can better asses the situation and help with a solution.

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Also look for tab strip components in navigation mode. Also look through client-side tag event scripts for any that have system.nav.* operations.

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Thanks I will look!

Thanks I will look!

under client events, i found under startup:

def dolater():
import system
system.util.invokelater(dolater, 5000)

That would close the navigation window five seconds after startup. That doesn't explain the behavior you are seeing.

i am using first tier tabs - are these still usable in version 8.1.19 or are these obsolete?
I dont even see them in Component Palette anymore.

I commented out -
#def dolater():
#import system
#system.util.invokelater(dolater, 5000)

I also have a MENU button that opens the main nav window and closes any other windows
I commented out closing all the windows as well.

so doing one of the items above fixed the issue.
doesn't make sense, but ill take it.

thanks for helping...