Screen Layout and borders around main windows

I’m sure im doing something wrong, what my goal is to design windows for 1920x1080. In the designer I have a header/nav and main screen.

The header is docked north with a size of 1770x100
The nav is docked west with a size of 150 x 1080
my main windows are floating with a size of 1770 x 980

The problem I have is that I am filling the main window fully but when i run the client window the main screen has about a 1" border on each side shrinking the size.

I was on the phone with support for 30mins and all they had me do was set the Client->general->width and height and select start maximized along with making sure my main screen is starting maximized. These changes had no effect and we couldn’t figure out what was going on so i am turning to you guys for some support.

Should i be accounting for the windows start bar and shrink the height from 1080 to 1000 or something? what do you guys do? thanks

It sounds like you are getting blank space around your main window because you are using the (default) layout for all your components. This means that all of the components will maintain their aspect ratio when they try to fill all the available space.

To make it look nicer without changing the layout, you need to figure out what space is left after your header and nav screens are open (and don’t forget to add the 40 or so pixels for the windows header and Menubar). This should leave you with a main screen with an aspect ration somewhere near 1770 x 940. You can lower the height of your main screen to bring that ratio back you where you need it.

Thanks for your response, ill remove the 40 px and see how it goes. I was guessing that it was the windows bars messing with it.

You can also open the Client in Windowed mode and drag the lower right corner around to see how the screens change as the aspect ratio changes. That will get you a much better understanding of how the layout settings work.

I have been going nuts with this, it seems the bigger i drag the screen the more it fills the screen but if i set the pixels to 1920x1080 it screw it all up. I dont understand how to get it right.

If you drag the screen edges to adjust the height or width separately (instead on dragging the lower right corner), then you will get a better idea of what the layout is doing. There is a page in our user manual that illustrates this.