Screen Navigation in Prespective

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I am a very new member of the world of Ignition. Currently, I am working on Perspective View, in which I am navigating the screen through the menu tree, but during that, I am able to navigate the respective screen the only thing it's getting is opening in a new tab of the browser while doing the launch session.

This is the expression that gives me the above problem.

"ETEC_SCADA_Project/components/component-views/" + {view.params.Folder} + "/" + {view.params.componentView}

You'll want to use page navigation instead of view navigation. Check out the perspective session settings which is where you configure the pages in your project. Each page is linked to a particular view. Then your navigation buttons will use a page nav action where the page path will be something like "/area/overview"

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more info on pages:

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Thank you Nick for your valuable support.
Will check for that..:+1:

Thank You Victor for the document link