Screen Resolution Problem

Hello everyone!

I am trying to design a screen for a 36" monitor. However, I am not sure about the exact steps to change the screen resolution and sizes on Ignition. Should I change only the width and height size in Lunching option under the project properties tab? Is this the only thing I need to do?

When I change that width and height the screen is launched with the new dimension; however, nothing is changed in my designer window and I have to design in the same previous small window unless I change that size with the use of the horizontal and vertical guide.

Just try to maintain the ratio of "36 with width and height for window size. Then use related layout not maintaining aspect ratio to all components.

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Thank you for your reply!
So you mean I do not need to use the guide to change the designer size as well and instead design in the default size?


In the layout constraints, I check the layout mode to relative and uncheck the aspect ratio, correct?

You could use the launching size if you want.
And yes it would be better to design in windows sizes according to real client screen size.
Correct, use layout constraints like you show for better results.

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Thank you very much! Appreciate your response.