Screen Saver

Hi I was just wondering if there was any way of applying a screen saver to a project within ignition. Basically what i want to do is apply the company logo to one of the projects that i am working on, and if the project has been left idle for say 10 minutes that the screen saver will appear. I am aware that the screen saver is a computer based application but was wondering if when operating an ignition project from a remote computer that whilst the application is open that a specific screen saver appear?

I suppose you could make your own “screensaver” within Ignition itself (a maximized window). You could use the system.util.getInactivitySeconds function to detect when the user has been idle for 10 mins.

Thank you for the reply Carl, but regarding that option would that mean that when the mouse or keyboard become active again, the person will have lost the page he/she was on and will have to navigate back to this page?

Not necessarily. You could implement the “screensaver” in a window whose layer property was set higher than the other windows. Then just close the screensaver window when they move the mouse again and they’ll be back where they left off.