Screen Size Recommendation / Split Screen

Hello, I am currently developing HMI screens to be used on a 34" Dell monitor. Are there a proper ways to size a HMI screen to fit the monitor without making it look too stretched out? Is there a way to have a split screen?

In my experience, Ignition clients scale pretty well to large displays, I have a few running on 42" TVs without issues. You need to review you component layout options, right click the component(s) and choose layout->anchored or relative.

For split screens, look at system.gui.openDesktop()

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Thank you, if I may ask, what do you use as you minimum screen size?

If you are talking about the minimum size in the window property editor, its is 0x0 by default I think. I never mess with that. Best practice is to design according to smallest screen the project will be used on. I’ve used as small as 7" raspberry pi touchscreens.
Selecting the Minimum size window - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

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